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Perks Business Technology
135 Glen Osmond Road
Eastwood SA 5063

+61 8 8373 2444


Greg Perks
As an accountant and business consultant he has had 20 years experience as a "hands on" adviser in all areas of management accounting and consulting, especially in the areas of financial management, business and strategic planning. 

During this period Greg was instrumental in guiding the growth of numerous companies as a consultant, as well as his own accounting practice Perks & Associates to become a strong independent Adelaide accountancy firm employing over 60 professional accountants. 

Greg’s personal focus is to specialise in providing quality strategic and investment advice, as well as portfolio management, to high net worth and/or high income clients. His passion is to work closely with clients to help them achieve their personal financial goals by concentrating on: Strategies to create wealth, ensuring assets are protected from risk and planning the distribution of wealth to beneficiaries. 

James Roe-Smith
James is an Information Technology Consultant, Systems Analyst & Senior Programmer. His personal focus is to create technology solutions that improve the quality of life for all those involved either directly or indirectly. His creativity and analysis skills are his greatest strengths; and when combined are invaluable in producing solid business solutions. James is a programmer with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience. 

In the past, he has produced systems in corporate treasury, primary production and professional service industries. He regards his communication and team skills highly.

Mark Davis
Mark is an Information Technology Consultant and Systems Analyst. His personal focus is to positively contribute to an overall direction of IT and computing services in a professional organization. He is passionate about delivering effective information technology systems and policies that contribute to the corporate objectives. 

Mark’s skills are in the initiating, evaluating, planning and conducting technology projects of considerable breadth with particular emphasis on co-ordination and responsibility for financial, human resource and project management aspects of projects. In the past, Mark has been credited with the delivery of systems that catered for: Financial Control, Production Costing Control, Expect Knowledge System, and Information Flow within an organization. 

His highly developed liaison communication and negotiation skills are well supplemented by technical knowledge in conceptual resolution of highly complex issues. His constant adaptation of new IT developments to unusual problems provide for a great innovation in a professional practice.