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Robert Atkinson
President, Institute of Chartered Accountants
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Ric Payne
CEO, Results Accountants' Systems
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Harold Hansen
Hansen & Co
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Peter Curran ACA
Curran Sole & Tuck, Auckland
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Michael Gilonitz FCA
Gainsfords, Sydney
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Allan Franks
KPMG, Christchurch.
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Con Karykis ACA
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Terry Dooley
DOOLEY, Mississauga, Canada
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Phillip Young AFRM
Newcastle, Australia
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Robert Atkinson, national president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, expects 10-15% fee growth this year at his four-partner firm, Atkinson Gibson, in Davenport, Tasmania.

"The firm bought Greg Perks' Focus For Results business-growth software four months ago as a front window to its profit-improvement services. It formulates a lot of questions a client wants to ask, such as succesion planning, and we are making sure that before we use it, we can provide the answers and referral groups. It is an exciting product."

Robert Atkinson, President
Institute of Chartered Accountants

From Australia's Business Review Weekly magazine, November 2, 1998
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