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TESTIMONIALS Patented & Copyright 2004
Robert Atkinson
President, Institute of Chartered Accountants
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Ric Payne
CEO, Results Accountants' Systems
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Harold Hansen
Hansen & Co
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Peter Curran ACA
Curran Sole & Tuck, Auckland
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Michael Gilonitz FCA
Gainsfords, Sydney
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Allan Franks
KPMG, Christchurch.
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Con Karykis ACA
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Terry Dooley
DOOLEY, Mississauga, Canada
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Phillip Young AFRM
Newcastle, Australia
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"We are Risk Analysts employed by Accounting Practices in NSW, Australia, to provide value added services for their clients. We were initially having difficulty in obtaining referrals. Some two years ago these Practices commenced using FFR. We saw an immediate effect of FFR...

"The FFR system has provided many business opportunities to network with these Practices. For AFRM, business actually written has increased by 30% and we have budgeted for another 30% growth this financial year. We have seen a professional designed system bring about very, very, impressive results."

Phillip Young AFRM,